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Vicki Nagel

  • Position: Social Worker
  • Experience: 30 Years
  • Location: SIOUX FALLS SD. 57104
  • Email:
  • Phone: 605-310-3250

Personal Experience & Biography

Vicki Nagel, have been a licensed Social Worker in South Dakota working in elder care for 30 years. I am strictly a “Medicaid Consultant” and should not be considered as offering, legal, financial, investment or accounting advice or decisions.
Applying for Medicaid can be extremely complicated. There are innumerable guidelines to follow and even simple errors can result in a denial of benefits. The consequences of being denied
by Medicaid are severe and can negatively impact the applicants’ finances and peace of mind, especially when one spouse needs to continue to pay the bills at home.
The Medicaid application and review process are time consuming and overwhelming. I can help alleviate this process with one on one guidance and save the applicant time and unnecessary stress.
Together, we will calculate and carefully plan asset protection to meet all income and asset requirements.
I will develop the Medicaid application, file the application
and serve as Authorized Representative and interface with the Department of Social Services on your behalf.

Specialized Work

Achievements Acquired

In her career, she has won many prestigious awards in the field of psychophysical counseling, including the award for the best psychologist 2011, the most dedicated consultant and the most effective consultant,…


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What does a Medicaid consultant do?

A Medicaid consultant typically provides guidance, expertise, and support to individuals, healthcare providers, or organizations navigating Medicaid programs. They may assist with eligibility determination, application processes, compliance, reimbursement strategies, and other aspects related to Medicaid services.

How can a Medicaid consultant assist me in Brandon, South Dakota?

In Brandon, South Dakota, a Medicaid consultant can offer tailored guidance on Medicaid eligibility, program requirements, application procedures, documentation, compliance issues, reimbursement strategies, program changes, and other related services based on your specific needs or circumstances.

How do I find a qualified Medicaid consultant in Brandon, South Dakota?

To find a qualified Medicaid consultant in Brandon, South Dakota, consider researching online resources, professional networks, healthcare organizations, local agencies, referrals, or recommendations from trusted individuals or professionals familiar with Medicaid services in the region.

What qualifications or credentials should I look for in a Medicaid consultant?

When selecting a Medicaid consultant in Brandon, South Dakota, look for individuals with relevant experience, knowledge of Medicaid regulations, policies, and procedures. Consider consultants with appropriate certifications, licenses, education, professional affiliations, and a proven track record of assisting clients with Medicaid-related matters.